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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

This has been a post that I have been wanting to do for a long time, it is about Escharotic Black salve. I need to preface this with I am not a doctor, and I am not

prescribing or telling anyone what to use. This is my opinion based on my personal research and study time. The information I have found is invaluable and the controversy surrounding this topic is filled with misinformation and bias. Big pharma does not want you to know about this and are doing all they can to discourage and disregard the use of this knowledge.

In the last year, I have met some very prominent people working on the front lines who are trying to help as many people as they can. They are being persecuted and targeted by the powers at be to silence them. I am very thankful that as I have researched and learned for myself, I have crossed paths with these unsung heroes. Their lifelong passion it is to educate others, so that they know they have a choice and power when it comes time to making medical decisions concerning their body. I am thankful to those who share and teach and help those truly seeking so that they have knowledge to help others and in return, I also share.

I have been in direct contact with one person in Australia, Binnah, who has helped me learn and is teaching me the technique of making and using black salve. She has been persecuted and harassed by many, but also her government and police. They have swarmed her residence without cause and without a warrant and taken all of her equipment and ingredients, threatened her to stop talking about black salve and hindered many avenues for her to get her information out. I am going to warn you that blocking the truth and censorship is a very real thing. If you do an internet search for it, I can almost guarantee you that the first thing you will pull up is a picture of a nose disfigured by the salve and stern warnings of using such a thing. I feel bad for those of you who are just now waking up and starting to search on your own. You really have no idea how much of the information is censored for only what they want you to see. Internet searches will lead you only to where they want you to go and unless you are really searching and looking in the cracks your opinion will be tainted originating from fear. You need to look to people who have had experience, resources that don't have something to gain, and books that are geared towards releasing the truth.

One of these books is by Greg Caton and his Black Salve book. I purchased it and had talked with him extensively through the years. It is thru him that I found out that yahoo blocks their emails and amazon has banned his book just recently. In order to get his book, you need to go directly to his website. He also has been so vocal and actively treated so many people who were cured and healed that he became a threat to the medical business. He was such a threat and would not be silenced that he became a target for injustice. He was thrown in prison and served a term for basically healing people. They had no right or case against him, just needed him out of the way. He eventually was released for his innocence and ended up leaving the country to flee the establishment as they were relentless in targeting him. I always recommend the hard copy, even though it is a little more, because you never know at what point electronic things can and will disappear.

So, what is all this about? "Black salve" is a very old wisdom of using plants and zinc chloride to produce an immune target of cancer cells, primarily skin cancer, but the testimonies are building of using a form of the herbs internally, EXCLUDING the zinc chloride, to aid the body to naturally expel the cancer. First there is the term "black salve" and not all black salve is "escharotic black salve". Escharotic means that the bodies response is to create an eschar or collection of the abnormal cells and expel it. It can be in the form of a scab all the way to what actually looks like a cork that pops out of the body. You need to be careful when purchasing it because in order for it to be used for an escharotic use, it must have certain ingredients. Many times, what you are purchasing and led to believe is escharotic, is really a drawing salve and that does not do the same thing.

A couple of years ago I went to the dermatologist because I had a couple spots on my face that were of concern to me. He told me that they could be precancerous or were spots to watch, but he froze them and led me to believe that they were fine until a later check. While I was there, I asked if he would look at my back to see if he had any concerns. He pointed out a spot that he wanted to biopsy and so he did. It was a spot that had no visible issue and was of no concern to me. None of the usual "watch for symptoms", no itching, no weird looking skin, no spot could be seen. The biopsy came back as basil cell and told me I needed it off asap. Of course, I had it done and it was an awful experience for me. A couple years before during a marathon of cancer research and natural healing I had ran across this rabbit hole of black salve. I had saved some information but had not learned extensively about it at the time. Shortly after my experience I retouched on the black salve subject and started to really learn about it, as now it had my attention. I didn't want to go thru that again and now it affected my well-being.

The big thing that you don't take into consideration when you go and get something cut or biopsied is that the body seals these cells many times in with a "tumor or area" that encapsulates it, AND it's for a reason! When you go in taking samples or remove it, you are opening it and its cells can easily be released into the blood stream moving to another site in your body or organs. Our bodies are also one big electrical system with many fields, when we cut thru it the meridians are damaged and this directly can affect our systems and future health. When an escharotic black salve is applied it ONLY effects those cells that are abnormal or cancerous. The salve itself does NOT do the work, instead it ignites the body's natural immune system to rally around the cells and start the process to "eject" these out of the body. The botanical herbs and zinc chloride of course also help with this process. Depending on the size of the cancer will determine the size and the ejection form. In most that I have seen they literally look like corks that are released from around the edges and rise up out of the skin as the body heals from the underside. When the eschar falls out it has been able to do it all on its own, it has released the cancer as a plug from the body. The body then keeps healing from the bottom up until the whole hole where the eschar has fallen out, is filled in with minimal scaring.

So how does this work? First thing to realize is the if you apply the salve and there is nothing that happens, then in most cases there was nothing there and everything is normal. In some cases, the body is slow to get the immune system working and another application or two may be needed to stimulate and wake up the immune system. It is because we can put the salve on healthy skin and there will be no reaction, that we can say it is not the salve that does this but is the immune response of the body that does it. It is just the vehicle that stimulates your body to wake up and target something that has hidden itself within the body. You apply a tiny amount of the salve (no more than the size of a head of a pencil eraser) for 24 hours, then gently run water over it to take it off for 12 hours. Then repeat the cycle until there is no sensation felt upon the last application. This can take a few applications. From there you let the body do its thing and TRUST the process. If there is a reaction you will notice maybe inflammation, redness and a scab will form. Sometimes you can see a clear fluid around the edge of it as it is loosening and it will look infected, but this is normal and is lymphatic fluid and dead cells called cellular detritus that has been sent to help the process. It is important that you protect the eschar and depending on where it is located will determine whether it needs to be covered. for instance, if it will be easily bumped, cover it. The last thing you want to happen is to dislodge it before it is ready. This could result in it all of the abnormal cells not being collected, leaving some left behind. It is best to not use a band aid in this whole process, but if it comes down to protecting it, use one. It is also important to not use anything healing on the eschar. It is ok to apply olive oil around it as it is forming. This helps with an easier release by keeping it moisturized, but not necessary. It usually takes about 10 days from application until the eschar is released, but every time is different, and it will come out when it is ready. Your job is to love your body and feeding it love and good nourishing food to help it heal. Once the eschar has fallen out you will be amazed to see the underneath is fresh pink skin and there is no blood. It has already begun to heal and will continue to fill in the void until it is replaced and new again. It is during this time that you will want to give it a healing salve that will help it to heal and give less of a scar, I use my magic salve.

The thing that I remind myself of is that when they are taking a site out, they have to cut using a broad margin to ensure that they get it all the first time. This results in a much bigger area removed than needed to be OR not enough removed and it is still there. By using this method, the body does it ALL! It knows what is not normal and by allowing it to heal itself the outcome is completely natural and beautiful! We do not give our bodies the credit that it needs. We were created to heal and be healthy, we have just been programmed to think that the only way we can feel better is to rely on a system that makes money off of sickness. There is always a time and a place for this system, and I am grateful for those who are in it because they want to truly help, but there are many things that we can do that will help to take the pressure off of the system by learning to take care of ourselves.

Here are links that I referenced above. In utilizing anything, you need to research and make an educated decision that is best for you. There is much more to learn about this subject that what I can write in this blog. I highly encourage you to buy these resources and start learning. It may not only help you, but a loved one and it is through wisdom that we can take our power back and be Empowered. I know that for me it took me a long time to feel confident enough to try it, but I am so glad that I stuck with it and used the caution I felt by studying and searching and gained a great respect for this amazing thing.

Because of the banning of natural healing, both of these books need to be ordered directly through theses avenues. As always, a hard copy is superior to having any electronic copies. I highly recommend these 2 books for more information and confidence in the proper procedure to be your own advocate and take your power back.

Binnah's Book request can be made at this email

The eBook is a PDF and $25. It will be emailed once payment is made. They also can post a printed copy for $35 plus postage. She also did a video with basic recipe here

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Hermine Dow
Hermine Dow
Jul 24, 2022

Binnah's video isn't available on youtube anymore...I'd like to buy her book, but I don't know the answers to the questions (ingoing, outgoing server, etc) her system is asking me...

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