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Making my favorite bathroom cleaner

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

One of my favorite “multi-tasking” cleaning tricks. Take a shower AND clean the shower at the same time! No more back stretching, straining and drips on the head while your trying to reach and clean.


In most bathroom cleaning products, bleach is the main ingredient and quite frankly, in a bathroom, sometimes seems necessary. Bleach is very bad not only to come into contact with our skin, but also for the septic systems so we really should think about finding an alternative.

Chlorine mimics iodine and combines to the ESSENTIAL iodine receptors in our body. Our bodies NEED iodine in order to keep everything in check. It is known that a lack of iodine creates cancers, affects thyroid function and hormone imbalance. When our bodies think that the iodine receptors are full, but really, they are full of chlorine, bromine or fluoride, it creates a HUGE problem. For this reason, I will not put our pool back up and use a bleach system again. Using a bleach cleaner gets absorbed into your body through the skin.

Why is chlorine or bleach not good in the septic? Bleach kills bacteria. What is a good septic? It is full of bacteria that breaks down the contents. You MUST have that bacteria or your septic cannot do its job, and everything just sits and gathers until it has to be pumped.

So what do you do for that shower bottom or the toilet bowl? I use this recipe and love it! No bleach or chemicals that are detrimental to my skin or environment.

3 oz baking soda

2 oz castile soap, mix together and mix to desired consistency add a

couple drops of essential oil OR get the scented castile soap. I use lavender. You can adjust the thickness by adding more of the ingredients needed.


for a spray cleaner I just add some castile soap to a spray bottle (maybe about 1/4 full) and add water.

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