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Sleep directions matter

Here is a nugget to think about. A few years ago, when I was studying different energy healing modalities, I stumbled upon the idea that the direction of your bed matters with the quality of sleep you get.

I thought this was a very interesting idea. I mean I know that we are a big energy field running on electric pulses and our electric output can be monitored and seen. I know that the earth has a magnetic field and I know that ley lines and placement were important to the ancients. So, I didn’t find this hard to believe or an old wives' tale. There were a few reasons given as to why placement has effects, but one of the “scientific” reasons were that the iron in our blood was charged as such that if our head was lined up or pointing to the north pole the magnetic pull was very strong and would pool or concentrate iron in our brains. This could lead to poor sleep or insomnia, high blood pressure or nightmares.

Depending on which culture you look at for sleep directions some directions are better depending on what you are looking for, but the basic rule across the board was don’t face your head to north.... all other directions have their advantages, but mostly I saw east is the best direction.

I decided I was going to give this a whirl if our little bedroom would accommodate the bed change. We have no trouble falling asleep, but sometimes I don’t wake up feeling refreshed. Kenny, however, almost never makes it all night in bed, by morning he is on the couch. Mostly from being more comfortable, but also because sweet pea, our little dog, snores so much and he can't go back to sleep if awoke. He also says I snore, but it's really him snoring and he wakes himself up :)

After changing our bed around I would say 95% of the time he sleeps all night now in the bed! Sweet peas snoring is much better if you can keep her head the right direction and over all we are waking up so much more rested. It's pretty interesting! We told our son who also changed his bed, and he too is reporting an immediate difference in rest.

It's worth trying if you are one who can't sleep or has trouble with getting a good sound sleep. Take it or leave it, but maybe just something so simple can help you enjoy each day better!

I want to hear from you.... which direction is your bed facing now? How do you sleep? AND if you change it let me know if you notice a difference?

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