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Testing tattler lids

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Blueberry pie filling and grape juice ready for the shelves! AND I was brave and experimented with my tattler lids!

If you have been following for awhile you will remember my post on the lid shortage and my decision to go with tattler lids. I have been apprehensive about using them because they are so different. I just did a couple on each batch so if they didnt work, I wouldnt loose it all.

There are directions that go with these that make them a little different. Please make sure and remember these. First put the rubber ring onto the lid and jar. Adding the metal ring has a trick!Put your finger straight down on the jar lid as your jar is sitting on a smooth surface like a counter. Then with your other hand tighten the ring. As soon as the jar begins to spin it is on tight enough. Do not put these on tight, like you would a metal band, during the processing. They need to be able to vent and let the steam out. When processing is done wait about 5 to 7 minutes out of the pressure canner or water bath then tighten them down hand/ normal strength, using a towel. When jars are completely cooled, you can unband and check the seal.

My first batches done, 2 or the 4 sealed, but I soon realized that I forgot to tighten them down after processing. I started dollowing sirections 🙄 and all other batches worked great!! 😜

I am really happy I decided to go with them!

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