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The final system in place

In the past I have done a series of blogs that have brought about the idea of having systems in place for times of emergencies. Emergencies come in all sizes and durations, from a time out of work with lost pay, a storm causing a power outage or a long-term event that stops all working services, these can severely disrupt daily life. I have covered systems like toileting, laundry, water, first aid and knowing the plants around you for medicinal situations. Depending on your geographic location you also need to be thinking about cooling or a heat alternative. Most recently I have been passionately talking about long-term food storage and learning the new skill of cooking with it. I cannot stress enough to have materials or supplies ON HAND to get these systems into place now, so they are quick to implement if a need arises.

This blog is one that I have been putting off for a while. It's a topic that no one wants to think on or talk about because it brings unsettled feelings and its "only for those in populated areas, it wouldn't happen here" (have you been paying attention to the busloads and jets being flown in and unloaded all over the country) .... I am here to tell you that regardless of your positioning... It needs to be a system in place and ready to activate.

I am sure by now I have peaked your attention and really, I am not going to spend a lot of time on this topic with the many options, this will be left to your own personal views and circumstance. This system is protection... not just for you and your family but also for your property and ALL that entails. Do not rely on internet camera systems to be there to warn you... do not rely on the local police to be able to show up and help you in time. It is something that you need to talk with your family about and be prepared on how you will fortify your area. Everyone will play a part so get those tools now, both physical and skills and work together.

Another thing to think on is where will you go if there is violence or a long-term emergency? Have a family plan IN place. IF you think that you will just show up at the store to buy supplies, it will be empty. If you think that you will show up at the house of the wacky tinfoil neighbor or family member down the street, you will likely be greeted by their protection system. If you have to go somewhere, what it will boil down to is, what can you bring that will add to the pot of supplies, allowing entrance? That is a hard reality, but it is one that will be faced.

Most people who are trying to prepare now, are doing it because they are making a commitment to go without in the now.... so, they can be prepared for the later. It is not because they have the "extra money" they can spend and put away for a rainy day.... they are making an investment or choice to prepare, just like you should be.

Protection systems come in all shapes and sizes, just be sure that the one you have in line does not rely on outside services, does not rely on only 1 person to implement it and that you have the supplies needed on hand.

If you think this is cryptic it is because it is. It is only to get you thinking and acting now. Be proficient in whatever tools you use and teach all in your group to know how to enact it. If you are NOT seeing the signs of why I bring this up now, you might want to get outside and talk to that wacky tinfoil hat wearing person. Ask them to forgive you for always not listening or making fun of them and ask them to tell you what is happening in the world.

This was not an easy post to write, and I write it so that you may have the chance to be prepared for any emergency that might occur. Other countries are warning their citizens to prepare for months.... we should also have that chance. Preparations do not make something happen, it makes it so that IF something happens the journey thru it isn't as chaotic and painful as it could have been.

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