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A Culinary Adventure with Meals in Jars and Master Mix Magic

Updated: Jan 7

🌟 Are you interested in creating meals in jars and everyday meal planning using shelf-stable dry ingredients? It's a fun, timesaving, and convenient way to cook, perfect for those busy days when you don't have time to cook. Be prepared with "grab and go meals" or for emergencies. This approach allows you to take control of your food ingredients, keeping wholesome food at the center of each meal and ensuring your family's food is free of unwanted toxic, bioengineered, lab-created, and chemically loaded ingredients. 🎉 I'm pretty passionate about this—can you tell?

💥Don't PAY for this collection—keep reading to find out how to receive this recipe collection for FREE!

I hope you are creating and finishing self-reliant systems, having them ready to implement and in place for emergency situations. A "must have" system to be in place should include long-term food storage and skills to create tasty and wholesome meals. This means not only having the right ingredients, but also cultivating skills and experience backed by recipes on hard copy.

I've been working on compiling a topic-specific recipe book for all my meal-in-a-jar recipes and convenient jar mixes. This collection is for my personal use, nothing fancy or "pretty." Many have inquired about purchasing it, making me think about listing it and making it available. Compiling and transferring your recipes onto hard copy can be a long and tedious job, but it needs to be done now, making you independent from technology to retrieve them when you need them. It takes a lot of time and effort, but your recipes will be streamlined for you and a family heirloom to pass down.

This collections use is only realized by having a proper selection of dry ingredients. I want people to build their food storage and pantry to gain ingredients and be equipped to start learning the skill of cooking and creating as they build their pantry. Many times, people ask where to buy ingredients, and it all seems overwhelming to start. By sharing my resources and tips, the work of searching is already done for you! I've looked into this company, and it provides top-quality ingredients and freeze-dried foods, streamlining shopping and meal preparation. They even offer ready-assembled freeze-dried meals, which you just reconstitute and cook—a perfect solution for today's busy-ness and stress. If you join Thrives monthly delivery through our link, you'll receive our exclusive Meal in Jar and master mix recipe book for FREE!

Simplify your shopping, build a pantry, and enhance your culinary skills—sign up now to unlock the full experience! Click here to become a monthly Thrive member and enjoy free access to our premium recipes. Once signed up under our link, I will have your email address and will email you a coupon code for your free PDF download.

Thrive is more than just about emergency foods and building long-term storage; it's a lifestyle change. Thrive becomes your partner in shopping for quality PURE ingredients, delivering to your door, and offering a myriad of recipes and helpers for convenient, healthy, and quick meals and snacks, minimizing unnecessary purchases and waste.

❓Wondering about the details and costs?

Thrive Life's monthly delivery service has no sign-up fees, providing you with convenient automatic deliveries that you customize for each order. You can effortlessly skip or cancel monthly shipments at any time, ensuring a risk-free way to secure shelf-stable food. As a valued member, a 15% discount applies to ALL orders, and for orders exceeding $100, shipping is FREE. Plus, monthly notification for It's a win-win! With a stocked pantry and a collection of recipes at your fingertips, you will be equipped to take charge of your food system. Say goodbye to uncertainties at the checkout and wasted time reading ingredient labels, and ensure your family enjoys quality meals during these times of rising food costs.

Let's transform our kitchens into hubs of health, simplicity, and savings. Join me on this exciting adventure of convenient, nutritious, and budget-friendly meal preparation! Thank you for helping us by using our link and for choosing to come along!

Here is our attached link for shopping and gaining your own food security. I will be so happy to have you on board!

This book now has been listed for purchase!

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