Over the years I have developed an appreciation for our skin. The body's largest and most absorbent organ, it truly matters what we feed it. My soaps are all-natural, ethically hand-crafted, and ready to provide nourishment for the most sensitive body.

We handcraft our products using the best ingredients, and in small batches to ensure quality. Please be advised that color, shape, size, and availability may differ slightly from batch to batch.  I try my best to keep products in stock, but sometimes there may be a production time period until the next batch is available






     In my quest to making soap, I recently ran into some interesting information. I thought I would share, maybe you already knew this, I didn't. When you think of soap, what words come to mind? You think of "cleaning", "homemade-store bought", "cheap-expensive". Did you know though, that even though it is labeled a "soap" it really is not the same product at all?

       For now when I refer to "homemade soap", I am referring to lye soap. There are different kinds of soap, like glycerin, but a lye soap is about 90% oils, depending on the recipe, and a liquid and lye. This kind of soap contains oils that have different cleansing properties. For instance, Coconut oil (the main ingredient) is anti-bacterial but also produces bubbles and hardness. Some oils clean, while others make a harder bar, some oils are just nourishing to the skin. With each oil, they carry the water to hydrate the skin. Add goats milk in and you have just amplified the benefits a huge amount. Goat's milk adds many nourishing things like vitamins, amino acids, and alpha hydroxy acids to name a few, these get sucked in thru the skin to actually heal and rebuild.

      Store-bought soap is a hardened detergent. It cleans by stripping everything from the skin including your natural oils. It contains many chemicals which, like homemade soap, get sucked into the skin. They may add in things like Aloe Vera or Vitamin E that make you think they are good for your skin, but it's counterproductive because the detergent just takes it away.