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Ancient Time Keeping by watching the stars

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Sitting out under the stars tonight, waiting for the moon to arise. Pondering much, the vast expanse, the sky above. Did you know that the “swastika” was not a symbol made by Nazi


The Big Dipper is one of the first constellations that you learn as a kid, but in all of my years I had never noticed that it turned a full circle in the sky throughout the year. The ancients knew that It is actually an ancient clock. It is the movement of the big dipper in the sky and its position which told much about the season they were in.

In our hemisphere, the big dipper is upside down is spring. I like to think of it as the heavens pouring down the spring rains. When the big dipper is right side up, that is fall. I remember it by seeing it as a basket used to bring in the bountiful harvest. The things you learn if you look beyond the program.

Our ancients looked to the sky, there is so much knowledge that was and is now not known. Learn, know nature, it has so much to show.

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