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Awaiting the Harvest moon

I am ready and waiting for her to arise! Did you know that along with the lunar gardening method this full moon is very important?

This moon is called the harvest Moon. Historically, it is the time for the years harvest to be brought in for the winter’s stores. This moon is very unique in that for three days it rises at the horizon, giving extra hours of daylight for those three evenings. This was the time that the farmers worked every inch of the extra light into the night to get things in on time. In the lunar gardening, full moon is the time to harvest as the water is of its highest content in the plant.

Another interesting thing about the harvest moon, compared to any other moon is that it always falls the weekend before the fall equinox. Sometimes it’s in September, but sometimes it is in October. All of the other full moons are a set name, but a harvest moon can change depending on when it falls according to the equinox. If it does not fall on September, October will be called the harvest Moon and September will then be called the corn moon. The corn was for… You guessed it it’s time to harvest the corn.

It is also known that until this full moon you’re a pretty safe to escape frosts, But after this one becomes more likely to surprise you.... at least where I live.

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