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Beautiful Bountiful Bone Broth

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Indoor projects are starting to come to an end as the warmth returns in the sun. It is so nice that the days are starting to lengthen, and the sun seems bright and warm. One of this winter's projects left is making and canning bone broth. I do this as a winter project because I can set it on the woodstove and let it cook, no other energy needed. Making bone broth takes a day or two, depending on how fast you do it, but my trick is low and slow. In the old days they would have a pot on the stove at all times and it was always hot so you could take a cupful and satisfy your hunger or in place of a hot something to drink and get warm by.

Did you know that bone broth is a SUPERFOOD and is so nutritious and healing for your body? Here are just a few of the benefits you get from daily consuming some. Let me just interject this also..... THERE IS NOTHING LIKE HOME DONE BONE BROTH... IT DOES NOT EVEN COMPARE TO STORE BOUGHT. The taste can NOT be even compared and if you can use organic chickens then you have the peace of mind knowing that it is wholesome, 100%. Onto benefits, and these are only a few. Protects the cells, helps in weight loss, helps regulate bleeding from nosebleeds, menstruation, ulcers, hemorrhoid's, arthritis and joint pain, anti- tumor, anti-aging, stronger and healthier bones, teeth and nails, helps to normalize stomach acid which can also help colitis, ulcers, celiac disease, and other inflammatory gut conditions, builds muscle, fights inflammation, helps with colds and bronchitis and the list goes on. Not to mention all the minerals, amino acids and vitamins you are getting.

Bone broth is made by cooking bones and adding a splash of vinegar to the water. The vinegar helps to leach out the minerals that are in the bones and deepens the nutrition received. I like to just add a few spices and drink some as a snack or instead of a late-night cup of coffee. The biggest advantage to having it on the shelf is that it is at your fingertips no matter the need! It is a wonderful soup stock already made to throw together a soup, especially if someone is sick or you need a quick meal. Add some meat and thickener and some baking powder biscuits and you have a chicken and biscuits, add veggies and thicken and a pot pie, stew... sky is the limit. We also put it on our dog's food, partly as a treat and also because it is good for them too giving lots of wonderful collagen for joints, circulatory system and skin.

To pressure can you just put your hot broth into jars, clean the top well and lid, put in already warm canner. (You want to make sure the temperatures of your jars contents and the water in your canner are around the same temperature so that your jars do not break from the drastic temperature change)

. For my elevation it is 11 pounds of pressure for 25 minutes for quarts.

Now there is more room in our freezer, and I have some stored to use.

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