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Buying seeds... how do I start?

When you have seeds, you have life. One seed can produce many fruits and veggies for one season AND give you seed for the next season, if you know how to hold its power.

This has been a hot topic in my message box. Where do I get them and "why isn't there a "beginners" package"?

When looking for seeds, my top recommendation is to buy heritage or heirloom seeds. This means that they are non gmo and are a true seed, which will produce its own kind. A hybrid is a mix of 2 different types which will throw a different seed or may not have fertile seeds at all. With heirloom you will know that if you let it go to seed, the seed you collect will be your investment for the following growing season.

Only grow what you will eat. There is no point in growing something that will take up space, just to not eat it.

When ordering and trying to figure out about which variety to buy... Look at

*days to maturity... depending on your growing season you want something that will fit into your growing season window.

You also want a variety that will fit your needs. For instance, tomatoes, there are "sauce" tomatoes, eating tomatoes and slicing tomatoes.

What are your plans? Will you make sauce or can them whole OR will you slice and eat them? The difference is less juice and more“meat” making a more thick consistency. A "sauce" tomato will cook down quicker and thicker because it has less water content then a slicing tomato.

Choose varieties that have a shorter maturing time, but will give a prolific amount of production. You also want to take into consideration if the produce will store well thru the winter, like root vegetables. Some varieties in carrots, cabbage, potatoes, squash, turnips and beets will store longer than others. This is a really big thing to look at. Most of the information given for each seed will give you a good idea on these things and its really important to choose correctly, especially if you are focusing on food production and storage for winter use.

There are quite a few different seed sources, but my go-to's are,, and strictly medicinal seeds.

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