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Cayenne... It could mean life or death

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

In this world of " mandated gene therapy", Elmo sharing with kids what to expect with their first heart attack, and the media sharing how "cold weather" is the cause for many attacks...even the American heart association has put out a notice explaining this is an effect escalating as time passes. all true stories.... there is a reason and a reaction that is happening. There will be an uptick in "unexpected deaths" from heart attacks, heart disease and strokes.

It is because of this that I feel I should also share this farmacy tip. please research and study, be your own advocate, if not for yourself, for the sake of your children and your coming generations. DO NOT just hand them over, they have a life ahead of them and there is so much at stake for them. PLEASE

So with all of that said here is my disclaimer. I am not a Dr, I am not giving advice, I am only sharing my research and a first aid MUST HAVE. Research and do what is best for you, be your own advocate and teacher. Now that's enough of all of that stuff, onto the amazing benefits of another one of those spices probably right in your kitchen.....

One of a most important spices for your farmacy is Cayenne pepper! 'No thank you, I don't like hot things' you say.... well do I have some info for you. Did you know that Cayenne pepper can mean life...or death?

Under no circumstances am I saying that if symptoms of a heart attack present not to get help. Symptoms can include chest pain, sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness, discomfort in arms, neck, back or shoulders. That is your first call, but if this circumstance presented itself there is something that you can do that can help to minimize the consequences. Sometimes it is during the time of waiting for help that you feel helpless and don't know what to do. Remember this information.

Cayenne contains a compound called capsaicin which is known to help protect and alleviate heart problems. Capsaicin not only can help stop a heart attack it has been very efficient in reducing the risk of heart failure because of a chronic condition. It also lowers the LDL cholesterol and helps to reduce the risk of irregular rhythms. It helps to purify the blood and the list goes on.

Cayenne is an ancient remedy and medicine especially in the eastern medicine. It has also been used for shingles, back pain and indigestion. It is because of these abilities that I use this in my pain and sprain balm.

When cayenne reaches the blood, it immediately increases circulation. With increased circulation, the blood moves faster carrying and depositing oxygen faster to help insure a higher concentration all over the body, most importantly, the brain. In doing this, it also increases the heart rate by strengthening the pulse. Cayenne discourages the adhesion of platelets which makes blood clots.

So I am sure you are wondering how on earth do I utilize this amazing spice that I thought was just for spicing up my food? I also want to mention that there is a big difference in quality of spices so try and get capsules or "supplement" quality to have at home. Use them to make a tincture, infused oil or to add to your water. In my research, this is what i found. Remember its about getting it in, so if its nothing more than throwing some in a glass and having them drink it... that is a HUGE benefit.

- for someone who is conscious mix a teaspoon of cayenne in warm water and have them drink it. ***You can also do this daily as a preventative and a helper to improve your heart and systems.

-if they are UNconscious a few drops of an extract or a tincture would work inserted under their tongue.

AS always, THINK AHEAD! The BEST idea is to GROW it! Then you know the quality, how old it is and what is in it. GET SEEDS in case it becomes unavailable. Once you have grown the peppers, just grind them fine to use. Build your farmacy! It could mean LIFE or DEATH.

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