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Cold and Flu Arsenal

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

It is that time of the year to be on the lookout for the cold and flu. Let me put in a disclaimer first and get that out of the way. I am in no means a doctor or claim to be I am just sharing my knowledge in what I have researched thru the many hours of health and healing alternatively. As with everything search out your own information and what works for you. There is a time and place for medicine, but I think that we have been misinformed on how our bodies will try to heal itself if given the right building blocks. Think about it, when our grandparents were kids, they never went to the doctor they were doctored at home. I would love to hear some of the remedies you may remember them talking about for use in healing everyday issues! I remember one of ours as a kid was blackberry root. It was for being sick, throwing up and diarrhea. It tasted terrible but I tell you it worked almost instantly!.. I need to get some of that now that I think of it. It also majorly cuts down on the kids just wanting to stay home from school, claiming to be sick.... Something to think about if you have kids who you can never tell if they truly are sick. I can guarantee it will weed out the fakers pretty quickly.

The wisest thing that you can do to combat this season is to stock up your super food arsenal. With most sickness, but especially colds and flu, it is all about your IMMUNE SYSTEM. So, building and giving it "Popeye" strength is the trick to becoming healthy. We are taught to " kill the SYMPTOMS" which means taking medicine that relieves symptoms that our body is creating to overcome the bug naturally. Did you hear me? The symptoms are there because that is how our bodies are fighting the issue.... Let's talk about this for a minute. A fever is the bodies way of heating the whole system so that the germs cannot live, did you know this? Yet, as soon as we get a fever or especially our kids, we jump to the fever control. How about relieve the "achy, stuffy head, running nose, cough suppressant so you can rest medicine"? Though rest is a very beneficial part in healing, we need to learn how to manage WITH the symptoms so that they can cease because the problem is being solved. We need to learn to work with the symptoms and address the issue at the root, in this case it is helping the immune system kick it. This is what builds the immune system against certain germs and also kills the germs so that they don't just "lay dormant" waiting to come back out with a morphed power as soon as your immune system gets low again.

Yesterday, i got the call that my son was home sick so i went to work making my superpower weapon I thought I would share.

First, I went and got a jar of my homemade canned chicken BONE broth. Then I went to the garden to scavenged what was still left from the frosts we have had. I found some kale, carrots and celery. I added some of the garlic that I had harvested and lots of Himalayan salt. I had an instant power boosting soup that took no time to make. This is what saving and preserving is all about! When you need it, it is at your fingertips with no grocery run. The veggies and bone broth are packed with vitamins, minerals and collagen, which are the building blocks our bodies need to heal. I don't take the time to cut them small like a would a traditional soup because ultimately it is about the BROTH, not the meal. All of the goodness will be extracted and infused together creating the meal that you can drink. When we are sick our bodies need energy to heal. Eating solids is not a great idea because that means that our bodies need to take some of the energy that would be for healing away to now digest what you just ate. A broth or liquid requires little digestion. Why the Himalayan salt? Himalayan salt is mineral rich and it will also give extra minerals to help the body heal.

Next, I moved to a flu and cold bomb here is how to make that and this is where stocking up on things that might not be so common in your pantry comes in handy. In a small jar combine: 1 clove garlic minced 1/4 teaspoon grated fresh ginger ( i buy some and then just put it whole in the freezer, this preserves it for a very long time. Just pull it out and grate frozen and put the rest back) 1/4-1/2 tsp cayenne pepper Squirt of Honey 1 lemon juiced 1/2 warm water to mix shake well and drink, however you want to. chugging, sipping, adding more hot water and drinking like a tea. The faster you can get it in the more potent it will be though so keep that in mind. Also I would probably not take this on an empty stomach so maybe have some toast or something dry and bland first.

I hope that you stock up and can use this information to respond quickly the next time you have the first sign of the cold or flu.

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