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Convenience, clean food: Meals in jars

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

As winter slows down our outdoor activities, attention turns to indoor projects that have patiently waited. In the past, I've emphasized the importance of having reliable "systems" in place, especially given the uncertainties we face in today's happenings. I have covered topics like toiletry, laundry, water, cooking and food preservation and storage with the goal of ensuring these systems can function without relying on electricity or gas. These are all on the blog at website if you want to peruse the information there.

Now, let's delve into the realm of food storage and creation, a focus I've been cultivating.

Having recipes and ingredients readily available and organized is crucial. I've been diligently working on compiling my recipes onto hard copy, building a library of dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients, skills for utilizing and recipes.

Recently, I've assembled my sourdough recipe collection, including a sourdough starter for those without access to their own. Now I can have my own tried and true recipes specific to sourdough. They are available on the website also.

My next endeavor has been expanding and printing my recipes for meals in a jar. While I enjoy having dehydrated ingredients processed during the summer, there are limitations, prompting the use of freeze-dried ingredients to supplement what my dehydrator can't accomplish—especially when it comes to meals or raw meat, both valuable additions to the pantry.

Considering the escalating cost of food, unnecessary purchases, and the time spent shopping—only to witness items expire and go to waste—it's evident that we need to reconsider our habits. Now, more than ever, vigilance is required regarding food labels, given the influx of concerning ingredients like MSG, bioengineered foods, lab-grown meat, and crickets.

Prudent grocery budgeting is essential, requiring a return to the frugality practiced by our generations past who knew how to eat well, frugally. This might involve learning the art of cooking from scratch and reducing reliance on processed foods. The future of our health and sustenance is currently at a crucial juncture.

We seriously contemplated a $4000 investment into a freeze dryer this fall. However, when considering the time spent prepping the foods to go in, the space needed to set up the system and the electricity used during a 48-hour cycle, I just couldn't justify the cost, both initially and ongoing. When I compare this cost to buying the food already done and ready for use it seems way easier and cost effective to go this route.

This has brought me to a business called Thrive where I purchase my needed ingredients all in one spot! I decided to become a Thrive consultant, so that I will be able to reap some benefits for my purchases and also share links with you of specific ingredients needed for some of the recipes that I will be sharing with you! Many times, people ask where to buy ingredients and it all seems overwhelming to start. This way the work of searching is done for you and if you buy through these links, they will greatly help me to receive a percentage back, which in return will mean more ingredients for me to share more recipes! I have looked into this company, and it provides top-quality ingredients and freeze-dried foods, streamlining shopping and meal preparation. They even offer ready assembled freeze-dried meals which you just reconstitute and cook which I think is so neat for the busy-ness and stress of today.

I've gathered a lot of feedback from many interested in creating meals in jars and everyday cooking using dehydrated of freeze-dried ingredients. The latest collection I have been working on compiling is a meal-in-a-jar recipe and convenient jar mix collection for my personal use, nothing frilly. Many have inquired about purchasing it and it has made me think about the listing it and making it available. Collecting and getting them transferred onto a hard copy can be a long and tedious job. One that takes a lot of time and effort, yet because this one was for MY use it is not elaborate and "pretty". I have decided that it's use is only utilized by having a proper selection of dry ingredients. I want people to gain ingredients, but also be equipped to start learning the skill in cooking and creating with them right away. I don't want to just hand out because so many would get it and do nothing with it.

Thrive is more than just about emergency foods and building a long-term storage; it's a lifestyle change. Thrive becomes your partner in shopping quality PURE ingredients, delivering to your door, and offering a myriad of recipes and helpers for convenient and quick meals and snacks. So, when I share meal-in-a-jar recipes or dinner helpers, you can have a stocked pantry ready to try these new recipes, minimizing unnecessary purchases and waste.

Let's transform our kitchens into hubs of health, simplicity, and savings. Join me on this exciting adventure of convenient, nutritious, and budget-friendly meal preparation!

Thank you for helping if you choose to come along!

In the meantime, here is our attached link for shopping and gaining your own food security.

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