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Elevate Your Preparedness: The Art of Jarred Meals

Today, I'm eager to open the doors to a world that has not just captured my culinary imagination but has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach meals—Thrive Freeze-Dry and building meals in jars.

In a world where preparing, convenience, quality, storage space and health take center stage, my recent adventure has led me to a captivating realm—meals in jars. Picture this: a jar preassembled with meticulously chosen dry ingredients, sealed and stored until the moment of need. When that time comes, a simple addition of water or a couple of other wet ingredients transforms these jars into an "instant" meal. The real beauty of this approach lies in the certainty that what you serve your family comprises quality ingredients and a carefully controlled ingredient list.

As an avid enthusiast of dehydrating produce from my summer garden, I've found this method to be excellent. However, it comes with its limitations. There are a few ingredients that resist complete capture through dehydration alone, and the technique is more suitable for short-term storage in both quality and nutrient stabilization. Now, let's dive into the magic of freeze-drying—the key that unlocks a world where the vibrancy and goodness of fresh ingredients are captured and preserved, ready to be unleashed whenever you desire.

Why Thrive Freeze-Dry Ingredients Stands Out:

  • Long-Term Storage Brilliance: Thrive isn't just about today's meals; it's an investment in a future where your pantry is a treasure trove of possibilities and always stocked with wholesome, shelf stable ingredients.

  • Guarding Against Price Increases:

  • As food prices go up, ensuring your supply now means making the most of your budget in the present moment.

  • Zero Waste, All Flavor: Bid farewell to food waste with Thrive. Experience the pure essence of fresh ingredients, free from additives and unnecessary extras. Nothing expires or rots before it can be used.

  • Ensuring Quality through Ingredient Oversight:

  • In a world where scrutinizing ingredient labels for bioengineered components, GMOs, and added chemicals is crucial, Thrive provides ingredients without compromise—no preservatives, added sugars, salts, or chemicals, and the majority is non-GMO.

  • Effortless for On-the-Go Living: Thrive is a game-changer for busy individuals, especially moms on the go. Say goodbye to tedious prep work and embrace wholesome, quality meals in minutes. No washing, peeling, cutting and shorter cooking time.

  • Your Outdoor Companion: Lightweight, delicious, and easy to prepare—Thrive is tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts, making it the ideal companion for hiking and camping adventures.

  • 25-Year Shelf Life: Thrive ensures you're equipped with meals that stand the test of time, ready to serve whenever you need them. Most products are vacuum sealed in pouches or sealed cans making long-term storage a cinch.

  • Jar Meals for Effortless Prep: Experience meal prep like never before. Thrive ingredients allows you to prepare jar meals in advance—just add water and cook. It's a time-saver for everyone.

An Expression of Thanks:

I've compiled a recipe book for my own personal use. Over the past few years, I've gathered a collection of Meals in jars recipes that needed to be organized, on hard copy and easily accessible. Since joining the Thrive team and understanding the importance of securing our future, I've decided to create this book in PDF format. I'm delighted to offer it to anyone FREE who signs up for the monthly delivery. My goal is to provide valuable information to anyone committed to learning and ensuring their success on this journey. It may eventually go into the store as a product to purchase, but for now it is a free benefit to those who join me on thrive.

Embark on the Thrive Experience: If the idea of embracing this culinary adventure with me appeals to you, our monthly delivery service awaits. It offers:

  • 15% Off: every order

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $100: A thank-you gesture for your ongoing support.

  • Exclusive Sales and Special Deals: Early access to promotions that enhance your Thrive experience.

  • Recipe Book Gift: Yours free with your first delivery—a companion on your journey to creating meals in jars and everyday cooking using your freeze-dried ingredients.

  • Flexible Deliveries: Tailor or pause your deliveries at any time, hassle-free.

There's genuinely no risk, just the opportunity to safeguard your future food storage and meals. I'm genuinely excited about the possibilities Thrive brings, and I invite you to explore more. Get your systems done and in place, I believe the window for preparing ahead is getting narrow. The success of your family may be dependent on what you do today.

Here is our link to sign up and join me today!

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