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Got fruit flies?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Got Fruit flies?

My little kombucha scoby that I am growing from scratch is growing and doing well! Im so happy with him... but so are the fruit flies! They can’t get in because the jar is covered, but they hover and seem to multiply non the less. I’ve been pretty good about ignoring them, but I had my limit the other day.

To make a trap just add some vinegar or fruit scraps in a jar and put a funnel on top. Seal the edges where the funnel meets the jar top by taping or, in this case, I just wrapped a paper towel around the funnel to take up the empty space.

The idea... fruit flies go down into the funnel because the vinegar draws them down. When they go into the funnel and down into the jar... they can’t figure out how to get back up by finding the hole. The result... many fruit flies drowned in vinegar. After a month of dealing with them. Very satisfying. 🤗

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