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Kitchen Tips I wish I would have known

There are so many things I learn that I think... How can it have taken me this long to learn !

This is one of them.

I had always heard that a lot of bags are resealable if you have a vacuum sealer. I’ve never tried them before as it’s just pretty much been storage that I wanted them. Well today I opened a package of smoked paprika to fill my jar in the kitchen. I was trying to decide what to do with the open bag. 🤔 Did I want to just put a twist tie on it? Being that it was bought in bulk it probably will take me a while to get back to this bag. Im afraid it would get stale or loose some of its goodness. I guess I could use a vacuum sealer bag to vacuum seal it. Or wait? Could I re-seal THIS bag?

It did! It worked! AND i learned something else!....Now I know where the seal line is and that I should have done it up to the bottom of my opening in the bag, but NOW I can just keep opening this bag as needed and hopefully they’ll be enough missing (because its now IN my jar) that I’ll be able to seal it again perpetually, until it is gone.! THIS not only saves me a vacuum seal bag or a jar, but space to store it!

Also, while I’m at it.... Have you ever struggled with a knife trying to peel ginger root? Or how about horseradish or fresh turmeric? This is one of the time tedious projects that inevitably a lot of good material is wasted. A while ago though I saw someone use the side of a spoon to peel them! So basically you are just scraping the outside layer with the spoon edge! It works amazing and you have minimal waste in whatever root you are peeling! No more peeling waste!

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