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Making an evening primrose tincture

Making a evening primrose tincture!

A tincture extracts the medicinal benefits from a plant to make a concentrated power packed liquid. Some molecules are extracted using alcohol, while others extract with water or a glycerin. To make a tincture it is as easy as putting your fresh plant material in a jar and covering it to the top of the jar with a 100 proof vodka or glycerin. Why 100 proof? 100 proof vodka is 50% water and 50% alcohol so this means you will extract both alcohol and water solvent molecules making your tincture more beneficial and well rounded.

After you have filled to the top with both material and what ever liquid you need, lid and put out of direct light. Every day give it a gentle turn and do this for about 6-8 weeks, then strain and store. There is no tight instructions, you can’t mess it up. Just research the plant you are doing so you know what parts to use, which liquid is best and research the particular dosing. It is alcohol, it will last forever.

Evening primrose has many benefits, here are a few

-Deep nervous system support, supportive of stressed nervous system, a great nervine which calms you down.

-Helps and supports the vagus nerve which in turn helps to calm down the tightening and clenching feeling of the body.

-Hormonal support, menopause, anti-spasmodic so it helps with Bad cramping, muscle cramps or tension headaches. Helps the release the body clenches or anxiety

-Helps the gut with a nourishing infusion or a tea will help to coat your gut lining and helps inflammation

Externally making oil for a wound healing, sore muscles.

The entire plant is edible and grows all over rocky disturbed rocky soil

Easily Identified by the yellow blooms that are closed during the day, but start to open in the evening

Make a tincture with the fresh plant using the whole plant stem, leaf and flower.

This one sounded so good I made 2 quarts 🙂. Just to give you an idea... typical dosing is about 10 drops for an adult so this will last a very long time.

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