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Making bleach

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Bleach is something we should think of having on hand always. I try not to use it as a cleaner because of its detrimental effects on our bodies, but I still like it for my whites. I have been making it for awhile now and it has saved me so much money!

Also in an emergency situation it will purify water. Pool “shock it“ doesn't cost much, is easy to store and its shelf life is years longer than buying bleach already in the liquid form.

I found this article for extra learning about making it for you. I really like the peroxide and vinegar recipe as a disinfectant cleaner, i will have to try it on my toilet.

Cost savings?: one $5 bag of shock it ( make sure you get the right one) will make GALLONS of household bleach which usually sells from $3-$5. Thats a HUGE savings for the SAME product!

As always research more if you need confirmation and use caution in making to be safe.

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