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Making butter

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

One of this mornings fun projects... making butter from some of the cows milk.

Making butter is an easy project that can be made using heavy cream and a jar and ALOT of shaking!

I am using the food processor and right off I learned an important lesson... only fill your container half full because if you do more than that it will make a big mess alllll over the counter.

I also learned that using a cultured cream is better, so I added some of milk kefir and let it sit and culture for a bit. Then it’s also better if the cream is about 62 degrees when you start working with it.

Put it in your container and shake or turn on for minutes. The First stage you will come to is whipped cream. then soon you will see globs of butter start to separate and cling together. After awhile it will be a glob of butter spinning around with a lighter colored watery milk.

Drain off the liquid and put in a bowl. Add a room temperature water and start to rinse the butter. Working it with a spoon or your hands clumping it all together and gently pressing it into the water. Rinse and repeat until the water stays clear and all the remaining milk is gone.

At this point add a pinch of salt and work it in, then push the butter blob up onto the side of the bowl so that the excess water can still drip for a few minutes.

Store in a container and use it within the week. You can also freeze in plastic wrap and pull out when you need it.

This is the best!! You dont know what real butter tastes like if you have never had real. Its a fun project to do with kids and can have a yummy reward at the end.

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