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Making “creme fresh” using my milk kefir

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

A new experiment!

A few days ago, I posted on making sour cream and yogurt. By now you should know that I like to keep learning and experimenting in learning new (to me) skills in making things myself. NOT that I have to, but that I know HOW to relearn knowledge that is fading away with this last generation. Our grandparents knew so much information that has passed with them and it's hard to regain what has been lost. Learn so you can pass this on, it could mean life to your future generations.

I like to take on the challenges of how could I create this, if it's no longer available? This leads me to this experiment. In making yogurt and sour cream you need to have a culture. In this day its fairly easy to have a store-bought sour cream or yogurt to BE your original culture instead of buying a powder culture. Once your product is made you can use your created product to be your next culture, therefore no more buying to keep multiplying. The problem is that with each batch of using your own created culture the culture changes and is never stable. So, in a few generations it won’t be the same product. In most of my experience, the batch became runnier with each batch. So even though you can make a great product, it's not the best that it CAN be long term. So how do we get around this?

Remember a couple months ago I posted about milk kefir? Here is a link to that blog

Well, since then I have been trying to slowly learn what treasure I hold in my hands. Last time I made sour cream I also made a jar of “creme fresh” which is heavy cream cultured with some of my milk kefir. I wanted to see how they compared. The result...? AMAZING! So, this creme fresh was so very yummy and very much comparable to the sour cream in taste and consistency. Initially the sour cream tasted just like sour cream with just that little tang, while the creme fresh had a smooth milkshake almost taste. The major advantage to this is that as long as I have milk, I am always creating milk kefir and it NEVER changes and is stable with each batch! Because it is cultured with the kefir grains and not a culture, each generation should not change or be different. Also, with the milk kefir it is so much higher in nutrition than the sour cream culture. I think that if you sweetened and froze the creme fresh it would very much resemble ice cream in taste. I will try this soon and report back.

This past weekend I had wanted fruit salad. When it came time to make it I wondered.... hmm what if I used the creme fresh as a topping INSTEAD of whipping cream to mix together. Experimenting I went again because you know... that's how you learn. I sweetened it and we topped the fruit when it was served. It was a really big hit, from the big to the small. The best part...? They got lots of probiotics and good gut helpers and didn’t even know it! Score! If you are interested in getting your own kefir culture to start and have them listed here.

Happy learning and experimenting i can’t wait to see what else I can make using my milk kefir!


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