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Making peanut butter

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Probably going to step on some toes here, but hey if I don’t tell you maybe you wouldn’t know. Here it is... brace yourself. Did you know that your standard brand peanut butter is so bad for you? It is. Im sorry.

How is it bad besides the extra sugar added?... most contain hydrogenated oils. If you dont know about these you need to learn. Basically its a heart attack waiting to happen.

I have gotten so that I can’t buy this in good conscience knowing what it is doing to my family.

Now that I have let the air all out of your balloon..... I will help you. Do you know that homemade peanut butter is good for you AND easy AND cheaper to make?

All you do is dump peanuts in a food processor and let it process until the peanuts have gone from nuts to butter! Thats all! You can add salt if needed and do what you need to last a week or so although it seems like it should have a good shelf life.

everyone should watch this about another deception the powers at be have done to our health all in the name of greed.... I mean “health”

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