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Making Confectionary and Brown Sugar

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

When buying in bulk, think of things that you can make from your stock. This will help you to have to stock less items.

For instance, instead of stocking bulk amounts of sugar, powdered sugar AND brown sugar. Concentrate on storing only sugar and black strap molasses. Did you know that with just these two ingredients, you can make a supply of powdered sugar and brown sugar and make as you need instead of taking space to store?

Sometimes we don’t think about how simple things are to make. Powdered sugar is just ground white sugar to a powder! It is the easiest to do in the food processor.

Poof and its done! Brown sugar is just regular sugar that has molasses stirred into it. Poof! That too is done!

Easy to make and just by storing those two things you can make 2 more!

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