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Making extracts such as vanilla is really a very hard job. I will tell you step by step. Got a notebook with a couple pens and lots of paper... This is a doozey of a task.

1. Get what ever material your going to use. In this case a few vanilla beans. Could also be coffee beans, dried lemon or orange peel... almonds.. sky's the limit.

2. Put material in clean jar ( if using the beans put a few slits down the bean to ensure the vodka more surface space)

3. Pour vodka over them

Thats it! Fooled ya! How simple is that. Now take your jar and leave it on the counter and give a shake every day for 4-6 weeks. Strain and use. Shelf life will be years. Congratulations You have made your own wonderful vanilla extract!

Besides for baking, real vanilla is great to lightly rub on the gums of teething babies for almost immediate relief.

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