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Meals in a Jar - Beef Stroganoff

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

On into the canning season full bore!

In the past my canning centered around veggies and fruit, last year I decided to step it up a notch with condiments, pie fillings and side dishes. This years, concentration is going to center around “meals in a jar”.

In all of these you really need to do them to decide which recipes are keepers and which ones are ... don't do again. This is how you build a recipe library of tried-and-true family traditions.

Today was a full day of making beef stroganoff and then canning the extra mushrooms. I want to do more mushrooms because they are great to have on the shelf, but I don't like to buy them.

Many of the “meals in a jar” recipes are so easy, just time consuming. Most of the time uncooked ingredients are layered into the jar and then processed. With these I used hamburger instead of chunked meat because I am trying to free up space in the freezer. This means that I needed to cook the hamburger first to get out as much fat out and make it so it doesn't cook into just a chunk of meat.

I was able to use my canned broth and make tomato paste with my dehydrated tomatoes, which always feels “cool” to do!

My new pressure canner had its maiden voyage with no glitches! 19 quarts all in one canner! This is a game changer! This recipe is from Books

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