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My dehydrator research

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

I love to learn and study and I am so thankful that I have friends around me who also like to learn and study. There is a rainbow of information each one with their own “nook”. This comes in very handy when wanting to make a decision, but not having the time to research.

One of my next experiments I wanted to do this year was to dehydrate lots of tomatoes. They take very little space to store and you rehydrate them into whatever quick sauce you want. The thought of doing this in my little dehydrator though was a little daunting. It takes so long to dehydrate, and everything shrinks so much that it would take forever to get a jarful.

I thought of who I could ask 🤔... who has done the research. Then went to my friend katrina and not only did I get her opinion based on experience, but her research in a nutshell.

Here is what she said.

The 3 main things you want to look for is:

-A fan in the back which would make even airflow without rotation and

-Wattage .. the lower the wattage the cheaper to run. For instance, using the 9tray Excalibur that's 600 watts would be $2.20 vs Cabela's 10 tray at $3.25 that is 900 watts for the same 24-hour period. So even though Cabella's is cheaper initially, it is more expensive to run and over time that adds up.

-Another factor was a manual temperature setting control.

There are bells and whistles you can get, but in her personal experience the bells and whistles were not really worth the extra money.

Just thought I would pass this info on in case someone else was thinking of get another item on their “to get” list but didn't have the time to research.

The conclusion.... I got the Excalibur 9 tray

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