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Novembers Beaver Moon

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

It is a cool 28 degrees, but a beautiful night out tonight in the moon bath, as the Big, beautiful, full, November moon peaks over the horizon. It is so bright out; I could easily walk around and not be guided by any light except the moonlight. I said I “could”, not that I “would”. As I lay here relaxing, I can hear random coyotes howling from another field across the way. Yet, to the other side of me are the flocks of honking geese as they land and make waves for the others who have already gone to bed. This causes quite a honking commotion coming from the beaver ponds.

How ironic that the November moon is also called the beaver moon and I can also hear them also busy at work thwacking down their new fortress. They have it dammed pretty high. I can hear the creek bubbling and dancing by. Last but not least, the cat Remi is here serenading me from under the bathtub. It's quite the nature song.

it was called the beaver moon by many of the ancestors because they knew much about the moon and the stars according to seasons. The November moon was known as a transition moon between fall and winter. This was the time that they looked to make sure they had enough beaver furs for their winter clothing. The beaver also knew that with the cold hard frosts, winter would soon be upon them. The last-minute scurrying of putting away food and building higher water to protect their dams during the winter months was almost done.

Kind of sounds like us. The mad dash to make all preparations before winter hits becomes a game of beating a clock. As projects get completed the pace can slow to an enjoyable rest during the winter. We aren’t there yet but getting close.

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