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Oregano, It is not just for cooking

We have two senior Pomeranians, Bella and Sweet pea. I'm sure that you have seen them in videos from time to time. Last month we took Bella to the after-hours vet because we knew she wasn't feeling well and not getting better. She had a high temperature and had stopped eating. It is so hard when your fur babies aren't feeling well. The vet felt that her teeth were severely infected as the main problem and that she was considered too old to operate on. At this point we just had to what we could. She was given an antibiotic and fluids and sent home with a "I am going out of town, and you may need to get help before I get back" scenario. It didn't sound promising, and I wasn't sure if she was going to make it. She did start to get better, but 2 days before the antibiotic was finished, I started noticing some of the same symptoms starting again. I had been giving her colloidal silver but was worried she needed more help.

Kenny said, "I can't believe that there isn't something that you can give her" and started researching. He found that oregano oil was commonly used for boosting immune health and specifically oral health in dogs. It's funny how sometimes you need to be pushed out of necessity, to solve problems. Always look for a solution where you have options. He found one product we could buy, but I figured I could make one better and cheaper. I went to work researching, not only what its benefits were, but also how I could make a product that would be a better quality and save money.

I knew some of the benefits oregano has for people, but when it comes to animals and essential oils you need to be VERY careful. Many essential oils are toxic to animals and can not only make them very sick, but also kill them. Make sure you know what types are safe before using them in your house with pets. This goes for misting, using topically or internally, know what you're using and its safety. I started researching and oregano is one of the oils that can be used DILUTED in and on dogs. Here are some of the things that it can help with, besides being "natures antibiotic for dogs". It fights yeast infections, and is antifungal, improves gut health like leaky gut, colitis, diarrhea or candida. Helps overcome colds, bronchitis and flu and is an overall immune system booster. It is anti-inflammatory which can help things like migraine headaches, muscle and back pain, osteoarthritis pain, relieve rheumatism. It is anti-microbial which Inhibits the growth of several bacterial strains and virus. It helps things like allergies, is high in antioxidants which helps to prevent cancer, kills or lessens parasites, relieves bug bites, bee stings, mange, kennel cough, skin lesions and even skin cancers. The biggest benefit for us is it is amazing for oral health! If you have a little dog, you realize that over time their teeth do not stay healthy like the bigger dogs. This is because they can't chew on things, like bones, to keep their teeth scraped and clean. The result is over time, very bad breath. Bella has had bad breath for a long time, and we had bought a few products over the years to help her, but nothing ever worked. THIS however is amazing at how fast and effectively it works! After the first oral dosage I noticed immediately the difference.

As with anything, I am not a doctor and not giving advice. I am only sharing with you the information I found and what we use. Do your own research. Using straight essential oil is too strong you NEVER want to use it undiluted, even for humans. Ask me how I know.... I one time thought I would put it in my bath water, just a drop or 2 of straight essential oil because that is diluted.... right? I couldn't stand it, I had to get out! It was terrible! It burns and is HOT. When you "dilute" an essential oil it always means to dilute or thin by using a carrier oil, water doesn't count. A carrier oil is just another oil that it can mix with and be diluted. For pets you want to dilute it to a 20% dilution rate which then can be used topically rubbing on the paw pads. This rate would be one-part essential oil to four parts olive oil. By rubbing it on their pads it would be a preventative measure as the oil would absorb through their pads and systemically be absorbed.

You can also apply topically to skin issues such as lesions fungal arthritis mange bee stings bug bites ear infections contact dermatologist using the 20% topical solution.

For a more direct and immediate help you can also dilute one drop to 1 teaspoon of olive oil to give daily, orally. I measured this out and 1 teaspoon is 4 grams. Using this weight, I make this up in an eye dropper jar to give so I don't have to measure a teaspoon plus a drop at every feeding. I just suck up my teaspoon in a syringe and it's done until I need to fill the bottle again. This helps to boost the immune system but won’t destroy the gut flora like an antibiotic would. So how do they like it? Well Bella asks for it and licks it right down... Sweet pea however runs when she sees me get it out. I truly think that Bella knows that it is this oil that is getting her well and helped her so much, that she is grateful for it.

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