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Planting tomatoes

Over the weekend I planted some of my tomatoes. Tomatoes love to be planted deep. They are a plant that will root from the stem and give it a strong root system.

To plant, I dig my hole, add a little natural fertilizer and the ground egg shells I made during the winter. I then take off any leaves that will be from the root to the planting depth. I try to plant as deep as I can and sometimes even lay it down horizontal in the hole and bury it leaving just the top sticking out. After its all tucked in I add a little epsom salts to the surface and water it in. Epsom salts is very good for any plants as the magnesium promotes good strong healthy roots.

In order to do all of this I had to reclaim my tomato row which is being encrouched on by grass. I will have to break out the big guns because its not staying in its own lane :)

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