Rendering lard

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Another of todays projects... rendering lard. I have learned a lot of tips over the years in how to make it a better quality each time. Lard is so easy to do and is one of the best and universal sources of fat. It is a healthy fat and has many health benefits. It is quite a deception pulled on society on how it got removed from it being used. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THIS AND EDUCATE YOURSELF. Be your own advocate, speak with knowledge not someone elses opinion.

One thing is to work with it from a slightly thawed state. This makes it easier to handle and not squishy. Next ... grind it. The more surface area you have the faster it will melt down. Next put it on low heat to start melting, then continue to melt until all the bubbles stop coming. (This can be done in an oven or stove top, since I have the woodstove going its in there today) *some recommend using a little water to start the melt... I do NOT recommend this as any moisture left in the finished product will cause your lard to not be shelf stable...*, Strain and jar hot. Fill the jar to the top to make the airspace smaller and lid tightly. As the jar cools, it will seal. Store in cool dark place.

Thats it! The bonus is if you do it in your cast iron then you are seasoning your pans all in one.

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