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Shampoo bars

Lets talk shampoo bars...

So many people want to do the right thing and make the right changes, but there is so much information to sift thru. Most people can't take the time to reaearch thoroughly and therefore are misled.

We take for granted that the "natural" companies making products are genuine, and though I am sure there are some, for many it's about the money and sales.

I get asked frequently if I have shampoo bars. This was a deep rabbit hole of study and it was astonishing. Most people who make the transition to shampoo bars are doing it for "health" and environmental reasons. They feel that by changing, they are ridding themselves of the toxic chemicals, like sulfates used in shampoos. Another perk is the eco-friendly idea of less chemicals and packaging. "A shampoo bar is the healthy alternative to shampoo". That was my mindset. Be honest, do you have this idea? Please let me know I am not the only one.

While researching recipes and information i kept coming back to this one fact. Did you know that in the world of shampoo bars, there are only 2 types. A "soap" shampoo bar and a "syn-det" shampoo bar? Which one do you think you find in the stores AND is most popular? Let me explain the difference.

Just like my blog on the difference between store bought vs homemade soap there is a huge difference. Here is a link if you missed it. In fact they are not the same. Most Store bought soap or shampoo is a detergent. It strips the natural oils, but cleans. You need to follow up with lotion or conditioner to re-moisturize. Not bad they make you buy 2 products to do the job of one.... with harsh chemicals.

A SOAP shampoo bar is made like "homemade soap", Oils plus lye water. It cleans, but moisturizes at the same time. No added products, no harsh chemicals. If you were to do a specifically formulated "shampoo" bar you would use oils that are nuturing to the hair. The problem with these is no matter what you do, the ph is to high to match what is needed for the scalp. To reverse this, you would do a diluted apple cider vineger rinse after shampooing. This will bring the ph back to where it needs to be for the scalp. Using them can require a long adjustment period so a commitment is required and everyones need is so different. What works for one, might not work for the next. The soap I make is also considered a "shampoo bar" because of the oils in it, like castor oil.

No matter how much I looked at recipes for syndet bars I kept getting the same answer and just could not wrap my mind around the answer. I had to keep asking the same question many ways and every time got the same answer.... I couldn't believe it.

I do not fault anyone for not knowing the truth because I would not have found out this information if I had not been researching recipes and ingrediients. Here is the bottom line. Most ALL shampoo bars you buy are syn-det bars. What does that stand for? SYNthetic DETtergent! Basically your shampoo bar is commercial shampoo with the same carcinogenic chemicals in bar form! Can you believe it! So frustrating. I asked numerous times and basically they said "what do you want to do? If you want to sell to the target audience. Syn det shampoo bars is what to make. They go so fast." I was sitting there thinking " yes, because they think they are doing themselves a healthy choice by spending $15-20/ bar!

If you are using shampoo bars for the reason of health and using less toxins in your health regiman.... you may want to look at and research the ingredients you are using, determine if they are syndet or soap. I hope this information is hepful and gets you on a path of being informed and knowing what is best for you and your families haircare.

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So now I have to look up my shampoo bar. I thought I had done this when I bought it but now I’m questioning it.

I use this product for cleaning my body and now I’m questioning why I don’t use it in my hair. It does not suds. Something you could make with local ingredients? They also make a vinegar hair rinse / wash for the scalp specifically:

I have been buying from this company for years, when they were very small, and now it seems like they sell everywhere: Amazon, Walmart, target, etc. I suspect the business sold out to a corporation.

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Yes it sure is…

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