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Storing eggs

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

My second 5-gallon bucket of liming fresh eggs for winter storage is full! I may do one more while they are still laying.

This is for you chicken mamas out there! How to preserve UNWASHED eggs for months! there is always the season you have a surplus and a season of famine. This will help you keep a supply.

This is a very old technique used for generations before, without refrigeration. Up to 2 years fully preserved have been reported, I have done this for about 4 years, and it always gets me thru the winter.

To do it add 1 oz BY WEIGHT of hydrated or pickling lime to 1 quart of good water. Stir to mix in and add eggs always keeping covered in the solution. Store in dark “cool” place. To use: grab them out and rinse well, then use as you would eggs.

How do I know if they are bad?... if one should go bad it will float. What I have also found is that if they crack in the bucket, the brine almost “cooks” them. So even though they are broken or cracked they don't smell or become a big mess like you would think! It's a lot like a broken hard-boiled egg.

What I have noticed as they sit in storage is that they don't change except the yolk, after about 6 months, will not be as firm. There is no difference in taste or consistency to a fresh egg. I just plan on using the older ones for scrambled eggs or baking.

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