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Sweet Indulgence, Shelf-Stable Style: Crafting Irresistible Dry Ingredient Desserts in Jars

Updated: Jun 2

Who says satisfying your sweet tooth has to be complicated? With the magic of dry ingredient desserts in jars, you can enjoy delicious homemade treats anytime, anywhere, without the need for refrigeration. Join me as we journey into the world of shelf-stable dessert mixes, where convenience meets indulgence in every delectable layer.

Embracing Convenience with Shelf-Stable Desserts: In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key—and that's where shelf-stable quick bread and dessert mixes truly shine. By layering dry ingredients in jars, you can create mouthwatering desserts that are ready to enjoy at a moment's notice. If its a midnight snack you're craving, hosting a last-minute gathering, or looking for the perfect homemade gift, these shelf stable mixes have got you covered.

The Beauty of Dry Ingredient Mixes: The secret to shelf-stable desserts lies in the art of dry ingredient mixes. By carefully layering flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and other dry ingredients in jars, you can create the foundation for a wide variety of sweet treats. To prepare simply add the lacking wet ingredients like eggs, oil, or milk when you're ready to bake, and voila—homemade goodness is just a few steps away. One tip is that I have learned that there is a pourable brown sugar. This does not harden and clump over the time of storage. (affiliate link for pourable brown sugar is here) These recipes can even be taken a step further by recalculating and substituting the remaining ingredients by adding powdered eggs, oil and milk which makes the recipe even easier! These make great emergency desserts because of the less ingredients and only water needed to complete.

Endless Possibilities: From classic cookies and brownies to creative concoctions like mug cakes and dessert bars, the possibilities for shelf-stable desserts and quick breads are truly endless. Get creative with your mix-ins and flavorings, whether you prefer chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, or candy pieces. With a little imagination and a few simple ingredients, you can customize your jar desserts to suit your taste preferences perfectly.

Layering for Success: The key to a perfect shelf-stable dessert is all in the layers. Start with a base layer of flour or cake mix, followed by layers of sugar, cocoa powder, and other dry ingredients. Add your mix-ins and flavorings, then finish with a decorative topping like chocolate chips or sprinkles. Not only does layering create a visually appealing presentation, but it also ensures that each bite is bursting with flavor. Remember the most important step! Create a label that will give all the details of how to prepare it, Add any extra ingredients, instructions and baking temperature and time. This will make it a successful treat, no matter who makes it!

Portability and Presentation: One of the greatest advantages of shelf-stable desserts in jars is that they are pure whole ingredients. You are in control of the quality of the ingredients used, unlike their store-bought counterparts which contain preservatives and other unwanted chemicals. Whether you're mailing them to a friend or storing them in your pantry for a rainy day, these individual mixes are easy to transport and store. Plus, they make a charming addition to any dessert table or gift basket, with their adorable presentation and irresistible flavors.


Here is a recipe to try, it is on page 10-F of my recipe collection. You can click on it for a pdf print out.

I have added a section in the Meals in jars and master mix recipe collection for just these kinds of recipes! From cookies and brownies to quick breads and even pudding, you will find many to start with. These have been a personal favorite jar mix for me, something quick and easy to throw together when you need a quick treat! As a special offer I am offering the recipe collection free. You can contact me for details at

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