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The Power of Colloidal Silver: A Must-Have for Your Home Health Arsenal

In the realm of natural remedies, colloidal silver stands out as a true powerhouse. Its antimicrobial properties make it a valuable asset for combatting a variety of pathogens, from pesky bacteria to stubborn viruses and fungi. Whether you're looking to disinfect wounds, sanitize surfaces, or give your immune system a boost during illness, colloidal silver offers a natural and effective solution, but its benefits extend beyond just disinfection.

Colloidal silver is also a hero in the realm of first aid. Applied topically, it can aid in wound healing and soothe skin irritations like burns, cuts, scrapes, and even acne. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a versatile addition to any first aid kit, providing relief and promoting healing when injuries occur and let's not forget about immune support. Many people turn to colloidal silver as a dietary supplement to bolster their immune system, especially during cold and flu season or when traveling to help fend off sickness.

Colloidal silver is a suspension of tiny silver particles, typically ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers in size, dispersed in a liquid base, such as water. This colloidal suspension gives the solution a characteristic color and opacity. The particles of silver remain evenly distributed throughout the liquid due to the electrical charge they carry, which prevents them from clumping together or settling at the bottom of the container. This unique composition is what distinguishes colloidal silver from other forms of silver solutions and lends it its distinct properties and potential health benefits.

Learning how to create colloidal silver proved to be an in-depth project with many trials and errors. I spent hours in research and learning from various people and groups and soon decided I needed to just begin. First task, getting a generator to make the product. This is where I recruited Kenny as my trusty fabricator. The original design I wanted, was one powered by 9-volt batteries. My thought for starting with a simple and easy generator was that I would have the knowledge and capability to do this "old school" if there was no power. As with any skill you should learn the foundation of how to do it by hand, then move into the "modern helpers ". The battery generator produced satisfactory results, but I wanted to transition to a DC-powered model for more precise control over actual current levels. He worked on various Generator adjustments and versions, ending with using an old computer charger, until he got optimal performance. Now with a generator done, I could focus on actually making and mastering the final product.

When making colloidal silver there are different phases, depending on its use. It is not just a "make and serve". In the initial stage or "1st phase" of colloidal silver production, you will yield what's known as IONIC colloidal silver, typically ranging between 10 and 15 parts per million (PPM). This phase of colloidal silver produced works great for topical application, however if taken internally, the absorption rate of this form is low, hovering around 2 PPM. This presents a significant challenge, especially when seeking therapeutic benefits during illness. But fear not, there's a solution.

Enter the "second phase", the realm of nano particle colloidal silver, a transformative process that elevates your silver solution to new heights. By introducing a reducing agent (honey) and gently heating the ionic silver, individual ions coalesce into larger, multi-charged particles. This upgrade boosts PPM levels to an impressive 20-25, effectively strengthening your silver army. Yet, the hurdle of digestive absorption persists because the acids in the stomach are so harsh and the silver particles are destroyed before they can get to the point of being distributed to your body to help. How do we ensure these potent particles reach their destination unscathed?

The answer lies in our third stage of the progression by creating a protective shield: a capping solution comprising of gelatin. This coating envelops and protects each nano particle, safeguarding it until it traverses thru the harsh digestive environment. By the time the coating dissolves, the nano particles are primed and ready to unleash their full potential within your system.

Undoubtedly, this journey was fraught with challenges, particularly during the initial stages when generator malfunctions led to unexpected outcomes—like inadvertently creating colloidal copper! Yet, from these setbacks, emerged unforeseen opportunities. Colloidal copper, lauded for its skincare benefits, became an unexpected addition to one of my lotion products all courtesy of my fortuitous misstep.

As the journey concludes, I've come to realize that crafting colloidal silver isn't as daunting as it first seems. It simply requires the right tools and a bit of patience. The initial investment is quickly recouped with the first couple of batches of colloidal silver, and from there, your equipment and ingredients continue to provide colloidal silver for years to come, essentially for free.

Now I have learned to craft a shelf-stable elixir that promises prolonged health benefits, but the real value lies in the skills gained and the cost-saving strategies uncovered. Each experiment, each new tool added to my arsenal, propels me forward, embracing growth every step of the way. Incorporating colloidal silver into

your home wellness regimen is like welcoming a trusted ally. Its ability to enhance health, aid in wound care, and maintain cleanliness makes it an essential addition to your health toolkit.

**When the silver particles start to be charged, they become easier to see by shooting a laser light thru the solution. The more concentrated it is, the more solid the line is to see.

*The third step is to cap the solution to make it stand the digestive acids. This is done with a solution of distilled water and honey. The finished product turns a yellow color.

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