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Wanna build a garden

Updated: Mar 16

Wanna build a “garden”? 🎼

The other day I was thinking about what if I wouldn’t be able to buy chicken food for my chickens. It’s one thing to have chickens or animals, but it’s another thing to be able to feed them to keep them. Last year I grew some sunflowers, and I was amazed at how many sunflowers it took just to make a few pounds of sunflower seeds. It makes me stop and think about generations past where they grew everything to provide for their family and animals through the winter season. I decided that I would build another garden bed and prepare to have a place already made to extend my garden if I needed to for next year. With everything going on I think this is a smart move in looking ahead. I am hoping that I could at least grow corn in it and maybe keep extending it through the summer to make it a little bigger. If nothing should happen theres always something that can be planted in there, I have lost nothing but time.

The other day I planted my potatoes. It has taken me a few years to build up my seed, this year I had so many potatoes left over after planting. I didn’t want to have them go to waste so I decided that I would incorporate them into my new garden bed. No sense in just letting it sit till next year if I can put something in it this year.

This is a true Ruth stout method garden bed; she would be proud of me. It is an instant garden, and it is something you can just keep building on. With each year it will get better and it’s amazing to think that its built right on the sod, no tilling. If you haven’t checked out Ruth Stout she’s a pretty cool lady.

This garden I built today, it took me about eight hours. I gathered “gold” from around the area starting with cardboard we got yesterday at Sears. I laid this all out and then went and cleaned out our compost pile that we have been building for about four years. I laid a thin layer of compost dirt on top of the Cardboard. I then went and got my potatoes and literally dropped them on the dirt all around. Then went to clean the barn. I took the stall cleanings and spread it on top of the dirt covering the Potatoes. Instant garden!

Put up a fence and hopefully we will have some extra potatoes that didn't go to waste!

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