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What if we had to do laundry Off grid? Do you have a system?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

As we move into fall and all the uncertainties that are ahead my focus has been evaluating systems and trying to get them in a working condition. There are many Systems that have to be maintained, but also many systems that should be in place in case of emergency.

In my circles of research, it has been said for a very long time that one of the most common problems to prepare for, is power failure. As many countries now are going into blackouts due to lack of fuel and constricting usage, this is becoming a system that is a very high probability to watch here. In the United States we have periodically lost power due to usually natural disasters, but never because of an emergency situation that spans nationwide.

You should always be looking at what is happening in other countries as many times they are a foreseeing of what is to come, or at least a guideline to know how you could face the same situation in a better position. This week I have been doing a lot of research on laundry and how I can make a laundry system that is better than going down by the Brooke with the washboard.... Because who wants to do that?

In most of our power outages we have been a couple weeks at most and you can always just know the power is going to come back on and that bathtub that keeps growing full of dirty clothes, you’ll be able to catch up on as soon as the power comes back on. BUT what if the power doesn’t come back on? Then what? I assume you also will be down by the creak slapping clothes around on the bank trying to get some “somewhat clean clothes”.

This isn’t really something that people think about because who really wants to? But it is a reality, and a system should be in place so that if you have to implement it you can. There are some really neat ideas for building washing machines, and there are some neat manual ones that you can buy. The problem is you have to find something that is manual and doesn’t rely on power. I have found these small jug washing machines that you manually rotate or shake back-and-forth to not be very large and very efficient for a family’s dirty clothes. I saw this neat “plunger looking thing” the other day and I thought “well that would be a great idea because you could do larger loads”. Then I tried to find it and it’s pretty much impossible to find, they are sold out everywhere leaving not many buying options. So onto the DIY research I went. I found where many would get a toilet plunger and drill holes in it to allow the water to squeeze through. Then fill a tub, tote, or even a 5-gallon bucket with laundry soap, water and plunge it up and down. The plunger acted like an agitator and also forced water and soap through the clothes. I thought this was a great idea and that I would at least share it with you because a plunger is not much money to buy and just to have stored away just “in case”.

I did end up finding one on Amazon which I did order, and I’ll keep my plunger for a spare.... Now to figure out how to ring or spin them out? This journey, research and post shall continue...

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