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And this is how a product is born 🙂


All of the things I create are tried and true and  we have used them over and over. Someone comes along with a need and uses one and is amazed at the results and says… you really need to sell this so you can share it with others. All of the products I make are recipes that have been tested many times  by my family of all ages and are a staple in the cabinet.


This salve is no different. Last year I started to get a cold sore. I could feel it starting to tingle, so I went out and gathered some lemon balm.  It was was just poking up from its winters rest. I collected what I could find and made an oil infusing it on the woodstove for a quicker infusion. After using it a couple of times and deciding it was helping I also decided that a salve would be less messy and maybe waste less so I made the infused oil into a salve. I felt like it worked well for me and kept it in the cabinet.


A few months ago I gave some to a visitor with a cold sore... and she let someone else also use it. I recently got a message from her saying “I know she doesn’t sell it, but she would like to buy some more if it was possible. It makes my heart happy to have someone love the results so much that they want to make sure they have it onhand.    I went to work recreating the batch and this is the extra from that batch.


Lemon balm is such a wonderful plant for nerves. It lifts a heavy heart and its very smell can make your mood brighter. It also helps the skin in many different ways. From spots to blemishes to burns, but because it is good for nerves it helps to soothe the skin caused from nerve discomfort like cold sores and shingles.


Lemon balm is so easy to grow and prolific taking over a garden quickly if you don’t watch. Its one of my favorite teas or added into water just to infuse for a nice lemony taste.  If you don't have this in your garden, you need to get some!  


This is the perfect carry size for your purse or desk.  It is in a slide tin that contains .25 oz.  This is also available in a larger 2 oz size

Carry size Natures Nerve Salve