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hand picked plaintain, comfrey, yarrow, lemon balm and clove warm infused in mct oil, wild oregano essential oil


Awhile ago I had someone approach me about an oral health problem they were encountering. I made her the oregano mouth oil that I use regularly. She is out and wanted more, so this time I had time to power it up even more! I took my knowledge of herbs and plants and made an herbal infused mouth oil.

A little plaintain, comfrey, yarrow, lemon balm and clove added to the mix and now we will make it even better!


Plaintain and comfrey are healing on a cellular level, Clove helps with pain, yarrow helps with receding gums and tightening and is good for an over all mouth wash, the oregano oil is anti bacterial and helps boost the immune system.


I used mct oil so it wouldn’t harden with cooler temperatures.  MCT oil from coconut oil

Herb infused Oral Tonic