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A month or so ago, I made another batch of sleepy balm for my mom, but learning is always “moving” isn’t it?  Around that time I had learned about magnesium oil and IT’s muscle feeding and relaxing benefits.  I thought... how can I add that in?🤔.  What I was making though was a balm which means ONLY oil or butters and wax for your base.  I thought “I know! I will put some magnesium flakes into the melted oils and dissolve it!”  Then I remembered that magnesium is water soluble NOT oil soluble... hmm well that was a fail since I can’t add water into a balm.


Since then I have been thinking about how to solve this.  I want the benefits of the essential oils AND the magnesium.   Well I had an idea!🤓.    If I make a lotion, I then can have the benefits of the essential oils AND the magnesium oil!   Lotion contains oils and butter AND water.  Now since the magnesium oil information, I have learned more! DMSO! So I added some of this in, its function is to readily and efficiently take into the body the compounds around it.  


The ingredients in this are olive oil, Shea butter, beeswax, ancient minerals magnesium oil, DMSO, essential oils of lavender, orange, vetiver and cedar wood.


This is meant to rub on the bottom of your feet before bed where it can absorb and help calm the body and brain for sleep. 

Sleepy Time Cream

  •  gently massage just a little in the arch of your feet before bed