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The active ingredient is DMSO, dimethyl sulfate. This is a sulphur which is extracted from trees during the paper production process. Sulpher is a natural element occurring naturally in our bodies and is used in “holding and strengthening” our skeletal and muscle system. I can not say how completely amazed I am with everything I am learning about this product, it truly is a miracle product. I hope to do an extensive post on DMSO when I can.
The MAGIC FIRST AID SPRAY is meant for immediate bumps, bruises, aches and pains. DMSO goes right down to help with inflammation, opens the capillaries which brings blood to heal. We have many testimonies in using this, but my go to story is this.
Our 3 year old granddaughter, sydney, was helping us unload wood from the trailer. She put her hand on the edge of the trailor to walk around it and as she did the top piece of wood rolled down and smashed her finger against the metal side. I felt it... I tried to stop it, but it happened too fast. I was scared to look, I thought for sure I would see that her finger would have been split open, it hit that hard. Then she started SCREAMING.... I grabbed her and started for the house. The whole time thinking... “ oh what do I get when I get in here... essential oil, my magic salve, some infused oil, ice... so many things running thru my head! In the meantime she is in pain and screaming in my ear. I had just made this pain spray and it was sitting on the counter we hadn’t even used it for first aid, only sore muscles, but I grabbed it. We will put it to the immediate test! ... I plunged her finger in and let it go.... she IMMEDIATELY stopped! . Wow! I was amazed! She got down and away outside we went, never whimpering again. I kept asking if it was better and she said “no” and would show me while she played. By the end of the day I asked again how it was. She looked at it then at me and said “its all better, see its gone”
The sulphur helps to heal because it replaces the lost sulphur in our bodies, it doesn’t just take the pain and mask it. My husband calls it his bionic spray and says he would like to take a bath in it which I find incredibly interesting. The hot springs that people flock to for “healing”... Do you know why it helps them? The hot water is sulphur water and is absorbed into the tissues replacing depleted sulpher into cells.  

These are made per order to ensure quality, so I may require a couple days processing

The Magic Pain & First Aid Spray

  • Ingredients: 

    Ingredients: Ionic Colloidal Silver, Dimethyl Sulfoxide infused with cloves,  Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice

    4.5 ounces