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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

I am amazed at what people are dehydrating! I am in a couple dehydrating groups and have been dehydrating myself for awhile and wow such inspiration! For instance dill pickles!? Dehydrating slices to rehydrate or to grind into a powder. This is genius! Wouldn’t that be great in making seasoning, over popcorn, to use in relish and sprinkled on hamburgers? From eggs, milk and even cheese.... they are busy dehydrating. thing that we need to do is start getting serious about food preservation and making the most of our groceries. It is so important right now that you are learning and doing. Start to NOT let ANY food go to waste.

When you have tidbits of food left, be creative in making a new meal. Here’s a thought. Have a little veggie left after dinner and there’s not enough to save. Put it in a collection bag in the freezer of veggies. When you have a bag, dehydrate for later mixed veggie and use in soups, potpies or stew. Fruit going bad before it gets eaten. Slice and dehydrate. It may only be a little, but over time that adds up and look at the money you have not thrown out.

See a great deal? Get many and run a dehydrator full! Dehydrated food lasts a long time, if done correctly, and can be eaten dehydrated or rehydrated.

Next you NEED to be teaching your kids to not be picky eaters. To eat what they are given and be thankful. You eat what you take, and you be considerate of others at the table. Always make sure that others are getting enough before taking more. Kids these days have been wayyy to pampered and it has not prepared them for what we are about to go through. I am reminded of stories from past generations whose parents didn't eat to their fill to make sure that their kids did.

We are coming into a time when the American gluttony, full processed food diet is coming to an end. Learn now to cook with actual ingredients. Learn how to make what you have in your pantry work to make a meal. Substitutions, DIY seasoning and from scratch alternatives. By doing this now, you are learning to see what you may need to have more on hand. Get it while you can now.

Do not waste your garden produce this year. Preserve EVERYTHING. Take the tops and “weeds” that you normally would discard, dehydrate and powder to make a super green powder. This can be mixed into soups and sprinkled on food and no one will be the wiser. This will give great nutrition to add in when it is needed. Examples of this is extra greens (spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard) and tops such as beet, carrot and radish. Normally we toss these, but they are very rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Add in those “weeds”! Dandelion, chick weed, purslane and pig weed are typical plentiful garden weeds that require no work growing. All of these dehydrated and grinded together will make a super food powder.

Sky is the limit! Start thinking AND practicing outside of the box! Now! Your family's health and existence will rely on your actions and trainings now. Everyone needs to make an effort and making changes now. When it can be done a little at a time is better than cold turkey and when stressors are too heavy.

If you missed my blog that contained all my “dehydrator” research for buying.... here it is again.

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