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Making medicine - making an herbal salve

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Sometimes an infused oil is what you want for the consistency of application, but sometimes you want something a little “stiffer or thicker” that will stay on longer. This would be something that was a boo-boo or problem area that needed to be covered and not dry out in order to heal optimally. An herbal salve is a healing salve that is nothing more than an infused plant oil that has been hardened down with a wax, typically beeswax.

I already did a post on making an infused oil, if you missed that than you will have to go back and read it.

For your salve you need your infused oil, (with what ever plant or plants you want depending on its use ) warm it, add beeswax and melt and stir together, then pour and cool to harden, and store. It is all to your degree of hardness that you find best to topically use. The ratio I use is 2 cups oil : 3 oz beeswax

Thats it! It couldn’t be easier! Again, there is not a right or wrong. If its not hard enough or too hard adjust your wax to oil ratio. It will store as long as the shelf life of your oil. Store in a dark cabinet away from heat.

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