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Making Self Rising Flour with bonus English muffin bun recipe!

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Hot kitchen tip

If you have yogurt and self-rising flour, you can make the BEST buns/rolls ever! The problem is I never buy self-rising flour AND if you are limited in resources because of store stock or money it is something you are limited too.

I don’t let this stop me though! I figure out how to make it MYSELF! Did you know that self-rising flower is only salt and baking powder mixed into regular flour?

Did you also know that a common ingredient in baking powder is aluminum? Do you know how bad that is for you? So, let's move on.... baking powder is also something that you would need to buy and spend more money for something that can be made CHEAPER! The beauty is also that you KNOW it has no fillers or nasty ingredients.

This is so simple to make and cream of tartat is cheap to have stored on hand!

2: parts cream of tartar

1: parts baking soda mixed together

Mix well.

There you go! You are now more dependent, and your power is back in your hands.

Last week I showed you how to make yogurt and besides having yogurt to eat, it is for this amazing recipe! I am all about finding easy, wholesome from scratch recipes that can replace products that I would normally buy and it's a bonus if its multi-use and it has simple ingredients. This recipe has 2 ingredients! Can you believe it? This has become my favorite recipe and supersedes my other recipes I have shared for English muffins or sandwich rolls. These are so amazing toasted or eaten as a sandwich or hamburger bun. Definitely a Favorite in our family!

In this recipe it calls for self-rising flour and when I first saw this, I thought..." shoot I can't make that I NEVER have a self-rising flour"... but I didn't let that stop me, I set out to fix my problem, I mean how hard can it be to make that"? A quick search told me that self-rising flour is just 1 cup flour, 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon salt! I have found if I sift the baking powder and flour first, then stir in the salt it works much better.... well, that was pretty easy! Now let's move onto making the English muffin buns!

This is the recipe for the English Muffin Buns

1- 1 1/4 cup of yogurt

2 cups of your sifted self-rising flour

mix these together to make a dough and then dump on a lightly floured counter and lightly knead. Add in just enough extra flour to make it not sticky. Cut your dough into 6 pieces and pat and work in your hands to make a flat "bun" shape. (*Note: These will rise when cooking so it is important to not make them the size you want them to be when completed.) Lightly coat a cast iron pan with a spray oil and put the "buns" in to slowly cook...maybe low to medium heat. turning over only after they have browned on one side. It is around 10 minutes per side typically depending on heat. Sometimes I cook a little longer on each side after they have browned to make sure the center is cooked.

I make a double batch and then precut them into half, bag and freeze. Cutting them before I freeze makes it easier to separate and warm after freezing. I will take out a few at a time to keep them fresh and enjoy as an English muffin, a hamburger bun or just a dinner roll. This recipe is so versatile and all you need is a gallon of milk to make yogurt and self-rising flour.

Now I need to share my experiment for today. I am always trying to find new ways to use what I have on hand to simplify things. I decided today that I would make a batch using my milk kefir INSTEAD of the yogurt. Yogurt is very easy to make and have for this recipe, but I am still trying to find new ways to use my kefir. It is made every day by using my goat's milk and the extra is a special treat to the animals, but today, I used it! No worries, they get lots of extra treats and won't even miss it. I can NOT believe how much better the kefir ones were! They almost immediately started to raise and were full of holes like English muffins, but not as heavy. Delish! Now I have a new wonderful way to use my wonderful milk kefir!

Enjoy and let me know if you make them! For those of you who make bread a lot I have a bonus for you. NOTICE the dough hook! If you work with dough... This is one of my most loved kitchen tools! It makes mixing the dough a quick cinch and no more cleaning the globs of the spoon so you can continue stirring. Highly recommend!

Here is another blog I did on making creme fresh with the milk kefir.

If you would like to start your own milk kefir, I have the grains in my shop.

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