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A Magical Garden, is a Living garden

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

My secret to my garden is that it is alive, it is always meant to evolve to flow with the surroundings. That is part of the wonder of it, it is a living being, if it is cared for like one. In my search of info I have come across some amazing information in which you can categorize a garden space into 2 distinct categories... Alive and existing. Interesting concept, isn't it? A garden that is permanent and No-till, is its own living entity. There are many beneficial beings living under the surface which help it thrive and constantly nurture itself. The minerals, elements and compounds underneath, which make up the health of the soil, are not mechanically disturbed so they are a constant feeder and balancer of the soil to ensure proper concentration. It is self-sustaining and it breathes, I can hear it's heartbeat. A garden that exists is a space that is constantly tilled in, walked on, turned over and stripped and planted every year. This garden is created and exists every year only to be torn down and set up again the following year. It is plundered and the microbiome underneath is mechanically altered and disrupted. The living beings under the surface do not thrive well and so retreat to undisturbed ground. Does this mean it will not produce? NO, but you wont hear its heart beat. Without always reworking it and adding into it, it will eventually become nutrient deficient. Since our food produced is living, I love the idea that it is grown by mother nature as she is happily living with in. She is safe, protected and thriving with all her components that keep her happy and healthy, in return she greets us at the gate with a bountiful harvest full of the nutrients that our bodies so desperately need. I think that this is why I Love to be in my garden so much... It is alive, you can feel its presence and it beckons you into a magical place, a place that is relaxing and nurturing. It is a place that takes all stress and positive ions at the gate and wipes them off you, a place that is a haven for grounding back into our roots.

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