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🍽️ Exploring the World of Meals in Jars: A Journey with Thrive Life Ingredients

Updated: May 21

🔍 After receiving numerous inquiries about where I get ingredients for the meals in jars and "do I have a freeze drier," I've decided to dedicate some time to share some insights I have gained from my journey in food preservation, particularly my venture into meals in jars. In a recent blog post, I compared the difference in preparing meals in jars, outlining two distinct methods -canned vs dry. If you missed it, you can read them [here].

🌟 Exploring Freeze Drying:

In our quest for optimal meal preparation, we weighed the prospect of acquiring a freeze dryer. However, upon evaluating its substantial upfront cost of up to $5000, coupled with the ongoing electrical expenses and sourcing produce, we arrived at a different conclusion. Instead, we found it more economically prudent to invest in pre-packaged, freeze-dried cans with a remarkable 25-year shelf life. This decision not only streamlined the meal preparation process, but also ensures a reliable supply of high-quality ingredients, ready to use whenever inspiration strikes. Sometimes, the convenience and longevity offered by pre-prepared options prove to be the most sensible choice.

🌟 Navigating Dehydrated Produce:

Initially, my journey into meals in jars began with the intention of utilizing my own dehydrated produce; However, I quickly encountered some limitations. Dehydrated ingredients often present challenges when rehydrating for use in recipes. Notably, they don't fully regain their original size and shape upon rehydration, resulting in diminished volume within the recipe. Additionally, dehydrated produce tends to retain a chewier texture and requires more extensive cooking to reach desired consistency. Despite these drawbacks, dehydrated ingredients can still shine in meals in jars that undergo prolonged cooking, such as hearty soups or stews. It's all about understanding their nuances and finding the right application to make the most of their unique characteristics.... Enter THRIVE

🍲 Why Thrive Life Freeze-Dried Ingredients?

  • 🌱 Quality Ingredients: When I started diving into the world of meals in jars, I quickly realized I needed specific dry ingredients, like bullion powder. My prerequisite was that it does not contain MSG... I could not believe how daunting of a task this was! After scouring the market and researching for about a year, I stumbled upon Thrive Life's bullion powder, and guess what? It's MSG-free! That got me intrigued.

  • 🚜 Farm to Table Commitment: What I found was Thrive Life is all about quality. They're all about sourcing non-GMO ingredients and partnering with farmers who are passionate about what they grow. They might not have the official "organic stamp", but these farmers are delivering top-notch produce without all the hassle of certification. When produce is received, it is immediately tested to meet requirements, if it does not, it is rejected. A couple of years ago a shipment of broccoli didn't meet their standards. Instead of using it as not to deplete their product availability, they choose to go without, and deal with the product shortage. That level of dedication really impressed me, so I decided to jump on board as a Thrive consultant. Plus, why not earn some perks for stocking up my own ingredient pantry while supporting my love for meals in jars? Join me as I share more about my Thrive journey and how it's transformed my meals in jars game.

🛒 How Thrive Operates?

  • 🚚 Monthly Delivery Service: The most convenient way to order is through their monthly delivery service. Unlike many other monthly subscriptions, Thrive gives you the flexibility to skip, change, or cancel your order each month, without any fees or hassle. Plus, as a monthly delivery customer, you enjoy special perks like discounts on every order and free shipping for orders over $100. You'll also receive monthly updates on sales and promotions. Here is my link to start ordering and deciding which recipes to start with!

  • 🛒 Retail Option: Alternatively, you can make a one-time or random order through the retail option. However, this doesn't come with any special perks, and you'll pay retail prices without access to previews, discounts, or free shipping.

🥦 Building Your Meals in Jars Pantry

  • 🥫 Variety of Ingredients: Starting out, it's crucial to build up your pantry with a diverse selection of ingredients, especially if you're diving into the world of meals in jars. Trust me, once you start experimenting with recipes, you'll quickly realize how enjoyable and practical they are. Not only do they save you time, money, and space, but they also help reduce waste from grocery shopping while providing quick and easy meal options.

  • 🥣 Simple Initial Order: To kickstart your meals in jars journey, I recommend starting with a variety of veggies, a can of meat, and the corresponding bullion and gravy powders. For example, if you opt for chicken bouillon, pair it with velouté chicken gravy; if you choose beef bouillon powder, pair it with espagnole beef gravy. And don't forget to add some fruit to your order for delicious snacks! I wrote a blog about your initial order and why ordering pantry cans first to get your pantry up and working was so important. You can read that [HERE]

📚 Free Recipe Collection

  • 📖 Bonus Offer: As someone passionate about sharing knowledge and being self-sufficient, I made it my mission this year to compile all my recipes into a recipe collection. Originally intended it for my personal use, but the overwhelming interest from others encouraged me to make it available to you. My goal is simple: to equip you not only with recipes but also with the ingredients and skills to excel in your culinary pursuits. That's why I'm offering my recipe book FREE as a bonus to anyone who signs up through my Thrive customer link.

  • If you are not interested in Thrives ingredients, but still would like the collection. It can still be purchased at my website [HERE]

🌟 Conclusion:

As we wrap up our exploration of meals in jars and Thrive Life's offerings, it's clear that this culinary journey is about more than just convenience – it's about empowerment. Empowerment to create wholesome, delicious meals using quality ingredients, and empowerment to take control of your pantry and meal prep routine. With Thrive's Spring Stock-Up Sale on the horizon and a wealth of resources at your fingertips, there's never been a better time to dive into the world of meals in jars and building a shelf stable pantry. So, seize the opportunity, stock up on essentials, and embrace the joy of crafting shelf stable, homemade meals that nourish both body and soul. Here's to happy cooking and endless culinary adventures! 🍽️🌱

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