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I have always canned or frozen the fall harvest. A few years ago I started to add some new things to my canning regimen with the idea that I needed to start a library of recipes in case I couldn’t buy. Things like condiments, dessert and relishes. I found some of our favorite condiments and side dishes that I now also can each fall, like pie filling, coleslaw, rhubard bbq sauce and cowboy candy. They are definitely tried and true recipes and will always be in my cook book.

I never really found a good ketchup or mustard recipe that we liked though and quite frankly, storing all those little jars take up ALOT of storage. NOW my world has expanded into dehydrating and in some ways many products will now be transited into making when I need them by using my dehydrated harvest.

This brings us to todays project. Fermented Ketchup! Having something fermented brings lots of wonderful probiotics, but also can make things last longer. I got this recipe off homesteading family and it calls for 1 cup of tomato paste. 🤔. Immediately I went to my tomato powder and added some water and instant tomato paste! No can! No shelf for storage of many little cans… just a jar holding “cases of paste”.

We will have to try it after it gets done fermenting, but the initial taste is great!. I have made fermented ketchup before and it was “ok”, but this is a different recipe. You NEED to get a library of recipes for scratch cooking or you will be with out. This recipe took me about 10 minutes and had only staple ingredients. Make sure you have ingredients stocked and stored so they will last.

Time is running out

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