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Magic salve

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Another batch of magic salve made! I have to say it amazes me that something that is so simple can be so healing! I have seen and heard time and time again the testimonies it was used for and it makes my heart happy EVERY time! Kenny became a true believer a couple of years ago when he cut his finger on the mowing machine. He went to the house and put salves in it, duct taped it together, wrapped it in paper towels and went out to finish the field. He was told it needed to be stitched up, but when you have a small haying window of time, who has time for that! Every day he would come to me amazed at how fast it was healing. Now, you can’t even see much of a scar and he brings it up all the time how he just can’t believe it.

MAGIC SALVE is for bumps, bruising and any surface skin boo boos. It is fantastic for diaper rash, bug bites and stings. This is a must have for fast healing kids of all ages. What is its secret? Comfrey...

what is comfrey?

comfrey is a perennial herb that is also called "knitbone" and used for its wonderful uses in helping to heal broken bones and sprains. It is high in calcium and vitamin c and stimulates healing activity and accelerates the cells renewing time which speeds healing. Each batch is infused with comfrey, calendula and plantain from my gardens.

This has been a permanent staple in our medicine cabinet for a very long time and I wouldn’t be without it.

Here is the link to try some!

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