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Making Baltimore Oriole and Hummingbird nectar for the season

Within the next week we should start to see the hummingbirds coming back from their long voyage. They will be hungry and happy to find feeders!

This morning I am making their food and will get the feeders out and also for the baltimore orioles. We had so many last year and I LOVED seeing them. We found a few nests later in the fall and we have sheep where they get their materials for nest making so I am hopeful they return for the summer.

Making the nectar is very simple and so cheap.

For hummingbirds it is 4:1 water/regular sugar.

For orioles it is 6:1 water/regular cane sugar put in an oriole feeder.

You never want to use any other type of sugar or dye. Heat the water so the sugar dissolves then cool and put into your feeder. Just make sure your feeder color had red or orange on it to attract them. Orioles also LOVE grape or orange marmalade jellies and fresh oranges cut in half.

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