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Preserving fresh tomatoes!

Preserving tomatoes!

I have been searching for a while to find a SAFE way to store tomatoes for the deep winter when REAL tomatoes are far from being able to be found. I don't know about you, but during the winter I would rather go without “tasteless, store bought cardboard” tomato, then to buy them.

I would love to have something that I could use on salads, pizza’s, sauces or even alfredo during the winter. So this is what I found!

Slice tomatoes the same thickness and lay on sheets to dehydrate. The same thickness is very important as this helps to ensure that each piece dehydrates at the same rate. After dehydrating, to help then soften a bit, dip into lemon juice and then cover with a oil, I used olive oil. These will be shelf stable and waiting to be pulled out when you NEED your tomato fix!

Note: IF you go outside of the above directions and season the oil or tomatoes with anything, you will need to store in the refrigerator and it won’t be shelf stable.

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