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Saving seeds part 1

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Saving seeds part 1

This year especially it’s so important to save your heirloom seeds. Saving seeds from your basic plants are fairly easy and can save you a lot of money and a great sense of security knowing that you have them. There are two types of Seed saving techniques, one for “easy dry” seeds and one for gelatinous seeds.

Seeds that are “easy and dry” or seeds like peppers and watermelon. For these you would just take the seeds out from the middle and shake them on a Surface to let dry. I prefer using paper plates because they will help absorb some of them moisture and are flexible to stack and get the seeds off.

For squash or pumpkin, put all of the insides that you have scraped out in a colander and rinse it really well separating the seeds from the stringy flesh that is still attached. I don’t always recommend saving squash seeds though because they are ones that will cross pollinate in which you may not have the same strain next year if you have planted it within a certain distance of other squash.

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